Emax Crowns & Veneers in Turkey

Your smile conveys a lot about you and leaves an enduring impression. The most recent advancements in digital dentistry can help you realize your dream of having the excellent smile, whether you're planning a Hollywood Smile Makeover or a Natural Smile Makeover.

Smile in the same language, Make it e.Max!

IPS e.Max, a strong and beautiful ceramic blends beauty and great performance in a stunning way, as it is made of materials that exhibit remarkable life-like esthetics as well as shatter resistance toughness.

In cosmetic dentistry, technology has gone a long way. This is especially true in the field of porcelain technology. Emax is a stunning, long-lasting ceramic technology used for porcelain veneers and crowns. It is perfect in areas of the mouth with high esthetic demand.

Because of its cosmetic qualities and capacity to preserve tooth structure, this new porcelain is quickly gaining popularity. AnterePark Clinic has also been recognized as the provider of e.max restorations in Turkey, as certified by Ivoclar Vivadent themselves (Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein). Contact AnteraPark Clinic now for a complimentary consultation to find out more about the benefits, minimal preparation requirements, and advantages of e.Max porcelain.

Emax is a brand-new kind of porcelain mostly consisting of quartz and lithium disilicate. This porcelain is unique in that it combines strength and beauty. With Emax, dentists can create restorations that are significantly thinner. For small adjustments to your teeth's form or alignment, crowns and veneers require the least amount of preparation, which means “less is more”. They can also be used to conceal stains or blemishes. Even though it is only a thin layer, restorations constructed with this material are strong, long-lasting, and realistic.

Natural teeth are somewhat transparent. This material has the same enticing translucency as crowns. This ensures the closest match to your other teeth. Because they contain no metal, they do not have the unsightly black line around the gum that is prevalent with porcelain fused to metal crowns. When dentists employ this material, you receive a long-lasting, delicate-looking all-ceramic crown(s).

Benefits of e.Max Porcelain

  • It is simpler to match the color of a natural tooth.
  • It's a porcelain-only system. Compared to metal or PFM restorations, Emax is more biocompatible. This product has never caused an allergic response.
  • This glass ceramic offers exceptional long-term durability and strength when bonded.
  • Conservative tooth preparation. The dentist can place veneers and crowns with minimal tooth preparation.
  • It can be used to replace any section of a tooth and has less drilling restriction as it is bonded rather than cemented.
  • no black line at the gumline

Disadvantages of e.Max Porcelain

Due to a low flexural strength, this porcelain is rarely used for bridges. Thin porcelain can crack under extreme chewing loads. This type of crown is not recommended for back teeth. PFM and zirconium crowns are more commonly used in the back. Anything longer than a single tooth bridge is seen to be unwise. This porcelain has a high degree of translucency, making it less effective in hiding dark teeth.

  • This porcelain is rarely used for bridges because it has a poor flexural strength.
  • Thin porcelain might break under extremely heavy chewing pressure. Back teeth shouldn't have this kind of crown. Zirconium and PFM crowns are more frequently used in the rear.

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