Due to the inconvenience of having a restoration made, you may have put off getting treatment for a broken or rotting tooth. Crown may be the answer. With the use of CEREC® / CAD/CAM technology, which is accessible at AnteraPark Clinic, our cosmetic dentists can create personalized porcelain crowns, inlays, and onlays in just one visit to our clinic. You can have a beautiful, personalized restoration created while you relax in our dentist's chair rather of having to wear a temporary and wait a week or more for a dental laboratory to construct your restoration. You can leave our clinic with a completely restored smile after only one visit or an appointment.

Two pieces of equipment make up the CEREC® / CAD-CAM system: a milling unit which uses the images to fabricate the restoration and three-dimensional computer software which utilizes data about the patient's teeth and mouth to build digital three-dimensional pictures. Using CEREC® technology, AnteraPark Clinic can produce stunning, custom-designed porcelain dental crowns, inlays, and onlays in just one visit, which is a significant improvement over conventional methods that call for the placement of a temporary restoration for a week or more while a laboratory fabricates the specific restoration.

In reconstructive dentistry or cosmetic dentistry as part of a complete smile makeover, CEREC® restorations are often employed since they are equally as aesthetically pleasing and durable as those created in dental labs. With CEREC®, you can improve both your dental health and the appearance of your smile in just one quick visit. Make an appointment for a free consultation with AnteraPark Clinic now.

What is a Dental Crown?

In order to reinforce weak or decaying teeth, dental crowns are dependable covers that are put over the tooth structure. They are often used to keep a dental bridge in place, protect a tooth from further damage, heal a tooth after a root canal, or cover a dental implant. These restorations, which are made of porcelain, are designed to strengthen your teeth structurally and aesthetically while fitting easily over your enamel and blending in with neighboring teeth. Although composite material is often used to create dental crowns, our cosmetic dentists have discovered that porcelain may provide longer-lasting strength in addition to a natural-looking beauty that closely matches tooth enamel. Dental crowns may be essential protection for a better bite and a more attractive smile, depending on your requirements.

How Is the Process?

Your dentists, Dr. Murat, Dr. Selin and Dr. Beyza, at AnteraPark Clinic will prepare the tooth for the new restoration before starting the procedure. To do this, anesthetic may be given while decayed or diseased tooth structure is removed. The patient's teeth and bite are then captured in digital photos and optical imprints; no dirty trays are required. After that, they input this data into the CEREC® software, which sends it to the milling machine. The repair is then expertly crafted by the milling machine over the course of roughly an hour or so, giving the patient time to unwind. When the restoration is prepared, the dentist installs it in the area that was treated, making sure that it fits well in the mouth and teeth. The normal outcome is a stunning, unique restoration that perfectly complements the patient's looks and smile.

How Long Do Restorations Last?

When properly cared for, dental crowns, inlays, and onlays created with CEREC®, CAD-CAM technology can last for years or even decades while maintaining their strength and beauty. Although some patients have reported that these porcelain restorations have lasted more than 20 to 30 years, ultimately how well you take care of your CEREC® crown, inlay, or onlay will determine how long it will last. When a CEREC® restoration is attached to a tooth, it acts and is harmed by germs and decay much like your original teeth. For the long-term preservation of your tooth enamel, good oral hygiene practices including regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups may often reduce the likelihood of early restoration failure. If you are prone to applying excessive pressure to the enamel, you may want to consider treatments like a nocturnal dental guard to help you avoid grinding and clenching your teeth, which have been shown to result in excessive wear and unneeded tooth damage.

How Can I Pick a Reputable Dentist?

The difference between a long-lasting, cutting-edge restoration and a flimsy, subpar outcome can be determined by selecting the best dentist to place your crown, inlay, or onlay. Even while this technology can provide unparalleled accuracy in creating a restoration that comfortably fits within your neighboring teeth, this accuracy is useless if your treatment is not carried out by a skilled cosmetic dentist who is experienced with this system.

The following advice can assist in directing your search for the right professional to carry out your treatment so that you can be confident that your porcelain restoration is meticulously created and carefully fitted by a skilled CEREC® dentist:

  • Find out from your potential dentist how often they create their restorations using CEREC® technology. This might reveal if they have a lot of expertise utilizing the CEREC® software to create your crown, inlay, or onlay.
  • Ask to see before-and-after pictures of prior patients who had a CEREC® restoration to evaluate whether the outcomes meet your aesthetic expectations.
  • To learn more about the procedure and determine how satisfied consumers were with the results, look for online reviews of dentists who have treated patients with a CEREC® dental crown, inlay, or onlay.

Thanks to CEREC® technology, patients who need tooth restoration can do it in only one dental visit.

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