Second Opinion & Treatment Confirmation

You have the right to seek a second opinion if you are uncertain about your proposed dental treatment or just wish to hear another point of view.

AnteraPark Clinic has the highly sought-after dentistry service offering both the patients who come from other dentists that for some reason were unable to satisfy them or who plan to have their dental treatments in Turkey.

When to Get a Second Opinion in Dental Work

Consider getting a second dental opinion from a cosmetic dentist at AnteraPark Clinic to put your mind at ease. There are a number of reasons why people would want to get a second dental opinion from our dentists. It's crucial to consider this option when / if you:

  • want to know if there are any other viable treatments
  • your dentist won't listen to you and ignore your concerns
  • have gotten work that didn't deal with your issue(s)
  • believe that the dentist or clinic you chose is unqualified to handle your specific problem
  • wish to consider the benefits and drawbacks of the advise you have already received
  • think your proposed plan and price deviated from the initial one you received earlier

If you're searching for a new dentist or need solutions for specific dental issues, we can gladly assist.

While giving every customer the best possible dental care, we also concentrate in establishing dependable relationships. With regard to every facet of your medical treatment, we are ready to assist you. Whether you choose to visit us in-person or have an online consultation, you are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.

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