After having expensive scans and dental checks in a uk clinic their diagnosis and implant quote was astronomical both in cost and timeline so I researched and consulted several Turkish clinics and chose Antera mostly because of their detailed and professional assessment and treatment plan despite having cheaper quotes from others in the Antalya area . They arranged the treatment promptly to fit my work schedule and even helped me organise the flights as the hotel was included in the price of the dental quote, I was paged by the clinics chauffeur Fatih in arrivals and taken to the hotel which was only about 30 minutes away and has very professional and friendly staff and located on the stunning Antalya coast. I was met next morning in the hotel lounge by the ever pleasant gentle giant Ozgur the clinics patient coordinator and taken for a CT scan of my jaws then met with the dental team within an hour of my tests had a detailed treatment plan and the quote was the same as I had received in the uk despite needing more treatment than originally thought,after signing some consent forms they started the treatment immediately after and by 4 that afternoon I had 6 implants in my lower jaw and was then chauffeured back to the hotel where the staff couldn't do enough to make my stay more comfortable, next morning I was picked up and taken to the clinic which is only 5 minutes away and had very similar treatment to my upper jaw. Over the next few days I had impressions taken for temporary dentures to wear while the implants and bone grafts healed sufficiently (3 months or more) in between sightseeing and general holidaying with all the other health tourists staying in the hotel,My first visit was for 7 days and I returned 4 months or so later and now have a mouthful of stunning looking fully functional teeth just like I had years ago and I'm ecstatic with them, I made lifelong friends among the other patients and clinic staff and can't wait to return to the beautiful resort that Antalya is in the near future, I couldn't recommend Antera highly enough to do them justice